Why You Should Have A Microwedding or Intimate Elopement

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No one can deny that Covid has thrown the mother of all spanners into the world’s works, and thousands and thousands of weddings have been postponed, cancelled and generally screwed. But if you have the opportunity, why not adapt your wedding into a microwedding or have an intimate elopement and big celebration later on? Here are five reasons that you should throw caution to the wind and just do it.

Quality, not quantity

Microweddings are the definition of quality over quantity. If you can only have 12 people there celebrating your wedding with you, you’re gonna want to make sure they’re the ones that mean the most. It removes the politics of plus ones, inviting your parents friends that you ‘simply must’ invite, or even that Uncle knobhead that you don’t even actually like. If you don’t want them there, don’t invite them – it’s so simple and you’ve got an excellent excuse! The invite pool will get even smaller should you choose to have an elopement, all you need is your witnesses!

Nina and Michael stand infront of the altar installation as confetti falls on them at Clapton Country Club in a microwedding styled shoot

Quality time with the guests you DO want

Your big day will be a such a huge whirlwind, even without 80 guests, so a huge added benefit is that you won’t have to share yourselves around them all, which is near enough impossible at the best of times, and you can spend quality time with your nearest and dearest on the biggest day of your life. Years down the line, you’ll look back on your microwedding and be super grateful for the conversations and extra time you were able to spend.

Spend your wedding budget differently

Just because you’re gonna have less people there, doesn’t mean it can’t still be bloody spectacular. With the budget you’d save on feeding and entertaining 80-odd people, you could spend it elsewhere. Want a glorious floral installation? Go for it! Able to put more of your budget towards your dream photographer? Knock yourself out. Want to buy an unholy amount of confetti for your guests to throw at you? We love to see it. A microwedding doesn’t mean less potential, it can give you even more.

A table setup with jewel coloured tableware and flowers, perfect for a microwedding

Give a middle finger to COVID

The last year, as a total understatement, has been absolutely awful. Nothing but doom and gloom on the news, on our phones, there’s been no getting away from it. So give people something to celebrate about! Stick a middle finger up to COVID and show it that love always wins – and celebrate later down the line with everyone once we can all have a good proper knees-up.

You’re getting MARRIED!

If you boil it down to what it’s really all about – you’re getting married to your love, your person. That’s all that really matters, everything else is a bonus. That’s what makes elopements and microweddings so bloody special. They remind us what it’s all really about, with some serious styled added on for good measure.

A group confetti shot at a London wedding outside Woolwich Town Hall

And there you have it. My five reasons to throw caution to the wind and just tie the knot. Plus if you’re thinking about having a big party once we’re allowed, then that’s two weddings, and who doesn’t want a bonus wedding?

Weddings to me, have always been about two people being in love and committing to each other. And that’s more important now, Hannah & Sam’s London Microwedding for example. It adds more intimate moments, heightens emotions, and means you don’t have to invite that cousin you haven’t actually spoken to in 10 years out of politeness.

My Only Ones Who Know package is perfect for those “let’s just do it anyway” weddings. The ones where you don’t want to postpone your wedding til God knows when, and you just want to be married to each other.

My favourite kinds of weddings to shoot are the ones where my couples are doing it fully their own way and on their own terms (just like Lisa and Jason’s ‘anti-wedding’), and micro-weddings and elopements are the perfect way for you to do that. Throw caution to the wind and celebrate your wild love how you want to. For more inspo, check out this Tropical London Microwedding styled shoot I took part in!

If you’re planning a microwedding and are in need of a photographer, take a look at my details or come say hi over on Instagram!

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