Hannah & Sam’s Rooftop London Wedding

On a gorgeously sunny day in July, we had Hannah & Sam’s whirlwind London wedding. They’d planned the whole thing in just three months and they SERIOUSLY pulled it off. They started the day with a super intimate ceremony at the iconic Woolwich Town Hall, which as a photographer is one of the COOLEST registry offices about, before we headed over to a chic rooftoop bar overlooking the Thames. Hannah and Sam (along with their daughter India) are one of the coolest couples I’ve ever met and their wedding to this day is one of my favourites.

Intimate Woolwich Town Hall Ceremony

As they’d booked in for my Only Ones Who Know package, they’d decided against any prep photos, so I arrived straight away to Woolwich Town Hall. When I arrived, Sam was dressed to the nines in cream trousers, a burgundy waistcoat and a navy blue velvet jacket, accessorised with red sunglasses and about 15 rings. Iconic groom style. After a groomsmen took a very quick dash home to grab an ice cream tub full of buttonholes, everyone was ready and took their seats. Hannah had five bridesmaids, dressed in different shades of blue, with one of the girls walking little India down as a flower girl (adorable). Hannah wore a gorgeous boho dress from ASOS with puffy bell sleeves and a flower crown in her loose hair. She looked STUNNING. All through the ceremony they were giggling away, SO full of smiles and love. And that kiss at the end??

Heading out the Edwardian room, we quickly arranged everyone on the stairs for a big group shot before I sent them away under the watchful eye of the groomsmen to get ready for some confetti shots. Meanwhile, the happy couple and I took advantage of those BEAUT stairs for some couple shots. After those were finished, we headed outside for some full-on confetti shots. Top tip: if you’re not having many guests but still want epic confetti shots, get yourself a few confetti cannons. They REALLY pack a punch.

Chic London Wedding Reception in a Rooftop Bar

A short drive later, we arrived at The Deck rooftop bar in Monument. It had some VERY cool vibes, and was decorated beautifully. The view of the city was incredible, with The Shard looking right over us and the summer evening light was just *chefs kiss*

DIY Wooden Decorations

So much thought was put into everything that they’d put together. To the point where Sam and his brother made the wooden decorations themselves as a part of their wooden furniture business. Everything looked beautiful all together, but IMMEDIATELY I was drawn to the deck chairs. Far too iconic not to be used in photos – Hannah and Sam have since gotten matching deck chair tattoos. Photography dream COME TRUE.

St Dunstans in The East Portraits

Now it’s not a London wedding unless you head to some sort of landmark for the formal photos. The bar is right opposite the gorgeous St Dunstans in The East gardens, so how could we not head down? There were a few photoshoots going on there by the time we arrived – and we weren’t even the only wedding photos. Smashing out the group shots, we took some gorge family photos with India until she had fully had enough, and her nan took her back to the party. And that meant it was time for me to third wheel Hannah and Sam. These two are just SO DAMN into eachother, and also bloody gorgeous, which made my job VERY easy.

London Rooftop Bar Party

Back at the party, the drinks reception was kicking off with canapes and custom cocktails going round. They had two custom cocktails, The Poppet, after their nickame for their daughter, and The Wreckhead, as homage to Sam’s party days. We were entertained during the drinks reception with an acoustic set from one of their friends, and then after some damn emotional speeches we grabbed our chance for a few extra photos, including those deck chairs I’d spotted earlier. The shot with The Shard in the background is definitely one of my favourite shots from last year – fully obsessed. And also who knew those tourist telescope binocular things would make such a great photo opportunity?? Not me!

Before the party kicked off, Hannah had a quick change into a beaut slinky number and then the party kicked OFF with some indie bangers and some smoke flares, and I left them to enjoy their night.

If you’re planning your own London wedding, whether that’s a chic Woolwich town hall microwedding or a full blown event, then drop me a note! You can also take a look at some more of my work or take a look at my packages, including shorter coverage and full-day.


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