In the modern day and age, it’s hard to find a business that isn’t online. But that doesn’t always make it easy to find them online. A huge 62% of users will disregard a business if they can’t find them online, so a well optimised website is crucial.

The thing is though, to the majority of people, SEO is considered a bit of a…black magic. And yeah I get it, it can be quite technical and the rules are changing all the time. But there’s so much that you can do yourself without needing to invest in someone to do it for you. Because honestly that is the best part about SEO. It’s free.

But as well as being a free marketing channel, it can also be one of the most reliable channels long term. Imagine getting targeted or localised leads while you’re sleeping, eating and working, all because of the work you’d put in six months ago. Instagram could never.

Nowhere To No.1: SEO For Small Businesses

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I’m Jodie. An SEO-er turned self-employed wedding photographer. I’ve spent the last six years learning SEO and also learning how to explain it to business owners and stakeholders, as a part of my career both at an agency and in-house at one of the UK’s biggest brands.

Now, as a self-employed business owner, I’m putting all of my skills from my old life into action on my own website and helping other business owners demystify the world of SEO and realise that it’s not as scary as it seems. I’m a firm believer that anyone can do SEO - because if I can, with no qualifications and a lack of understanding of anything technical, anybody can.

That’s why I’ve started teaching SEO to other small business owners and self-employed people. With a bit of time, effort and trial and error, you can get the same results for your business that I’ve been getting other businesses during my 6-year SEO career.

Danielle Leslie

I love Jodie’s Facebook group so much. It has been incredibly helpful in aiding my understanding of SEO. She is clearly very knowledgeable in this sector through her extensive experience and it’s super helpful that she is within the same industry as me so understands my needs completely! I highly recommend you join her Facebook group. I’m looking forward to a site audit when I can eventually get my hands on one! 😊 

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Come and join the gang of insiders! The Nowhere To No.1 Facebook group is the best place to see all of the action, with our weekly posts and live Q&As, sharing threads, and most importantly, giveaways.

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Know that your website needs work, but aren’t sure what needs to be worked on? Then a site audit is for you. I’ll go through your website page by page, and deliver you a prioritised list of actions and improvements to get you ranking.

After something else? Check out my shop of all of my SEO products, including masterclass replays and recordings, guides and PDFs. I'll be updating the shop regularly so check back soon! 

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More of an independent worker? My self-paced self-audit mini course means you'll learn to do your own keyword research and audit your own website, and work on it whenever suits you!

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John Payton

Jodie’s advice on SEO has been invaluable. As a wedding photographer I need to maximise my presence online to get ahead of the game for my business to thrive. Jodie’s comprehensive knowledge of SEO is helping me to do just that. Thank you Jodie! 

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