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Take a look at some of my favourite shots of the last couple of years

It's tough to put my finger on my favourite shots to take at a wedding, as there's something special about each part of the day (except the group formals - there's nothing special about standing in a line and smiling, it's not a police line-up. Are you supposed to smile in those?)

 From the nerves and anticipation in the morning, the pure emotion during the ceremony and the relief of getting 15 minutes away from the chaos with the love of your life for some photos. All the way through to having a laugh with your nearest and dearest and letting loose on the dance floor. I'll be there in the background for all of these moments, getting the shots you don't know are being taken and filling in the gaps of all the bits you might otherwise miss.
Here's a selection of all of my favourites from the last year or so, full of gorgeous ceremony shots, epic first dances, iconic group shots and laid-back couple portraits. For more wedding photography deets, head to my Weddings page, or for more of my work, check out my blog!

Over on the blog you'll find all sorts of posts, like full wedding days so you can get an idea of what to expect, to helpful wedding planning tips and tricks and things to bear in mind to get the best wedding photos.

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