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Ufton Court’s Top 5 Photo Spots

Ufton Court is one of my favourite local venues. It’s also the venue I’ve shot at the most – it feels like I’m there every other weekend at the moment! I love it because of its mix of surroundings. There’s big open green spaces, there’s the gorgeous rustic barn and there’s the old manor house. It’s got a spot for everyone.

The Walled Garden

Ufton Court’s walled garden is one of my favourite spots, just for how versatile it is. On a nice sunny day it’s the perfect place for group photos, and also the perfect place to have a little adventure for your couple photos and get away from the buzz of the day. The contrast of the orange bricks and the greenery makes for beautiful shots, especially with a golden hour sunset. The archway is another favourite part of mine as it allows me to play with composition, and also leads us to our next location.

Hannah and Simon stand in a brick archway holding hands

Rachael stands with her bridesmaids in the grounds of Ufton Court. Rachael is in a wedding dress while her bridesmaids where terracotta coloured dresses

The Herb garden

Through the archway is a beautiful little herb garden. It has a beautiful iron arch in it, which is covered in trailing leaves and a couple of benches, perfect for getting cosy on. They’re also perfect if you’re not too confident in front of the camera, as it takes two of your limbs out of the equation – easy!

Hannah and Simon stand in the herb garden and kiss

The Stairs

Another beginner level sitting down area, but this one packs way more of a punch. This gives us another chance to get a bit artistic, and all you need to do is sit down on some stairs. Who said having your picture taken is hard? It’s also another beautiful spot for some smaller group shots, like bridesmaids or groomsmen shots.

Kirsty is sat smiling on some stone steps with her friends

Lisa and Jason sit on some stone stairs on their wedding day

The House

Next up on our virtual tour of Ufton Court is the manor house. Since there’s such a big space out the front of the house, it’s my go-to spot for those bigger group shots. Especially the favourite ‘all guests’ shot. But it’s also nice to get some shots of just the two of you in front of your beautiful venue. Depending on the season, the back of the house also has some beautiful wisteria growing up it, which also makes a stunning backdrop. Even in winter, like Kirsty & Aldous’ wedding, it makes for some beautiful shots.

Anna & Rich stand in front of the Ufton Court manor house

Aldous kisses Kirsty on the cheek as they stand in front of a brick wall that has vines climbing up it

The Drive

Our last stop on our tour is the drive. It’s nice and quiet, and it’s lined with trees on both sides making for some beautiful shots. It’s also a great chance for some walking photos, which is another way to feel a little bit more comfortable on camera, as the natural movement stops you from feeling stiff and static.

Kirsty & Aldous kiss in the middle of Ufton Court's long drive lined by tall trees

Anna and Rich walk with their backs to the camera towards the Ufton Court manor house at sunset

The stocks

Okay one little bonus. The stocks, as demonstrated by Lisa & Jason. You can’t not. It says it all really.

Lisa stands smiling next to Jason, who has his head and hands in some stocks

And there you have my top spots at Ufton Court for your couple photos. There are so many different areas depending on your vibe and what you’re looking for. If you’re getting married at Ufton Court and would like to know more about my packages, you can see them here, or get in touch through my contact form.

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