Isolation Self-Portraits: Getting shots from home

A self-portrait of me looking into a mirror

Self-portraits are going to be the only way to get content for a while (unless your parent/partner/cat is a dab hand with a phone camera), but it can seem quite daunting if you haven’t done it before and don’t know where to start. I’ve put together five tips and ideas to help give you a push in the right direction and maximise your content from within the comfort of your room.

Chances are this will take¬†practice, my first self-portraits were an absolute SHAMBLES and many have not seen the light of day, so don’t be afraid to take loads, hate them and then try again! No one has to see them, no one has to know, just give it a try!

Detail Shots

ideas: selfie style, close-ups, accessory flatlays

Emily (@emilyybecca, first image) has always taken stunning detail shots of both herself AND her clients, especially her jewellery shots – much like the one shown below. Gorgeously abstract and neutral, they fit within her content so well that you’d never know that she’s been locked in for the last three weeks along with the rest of us.

Holly’s (@hollyrebeccawhite, third image) minimal style works beautifully with this style of shot (right). She ensures the jewellery is the sole focus of the image by removing any distracting background or clothing.

Detail photos, demonstrated by Emily, Holly and myself

You don’t even have to be wearing the items of clothing to create great content. Think back to the blogging days gone by, back when we’d make flatlays out of outfits and accessories. Maybe leave out the fairy lights and wallpaper backgrounds though…

Mirror/Faux Mirror Self-Portraits

ideas: full length mirror shots, abstract reflections, faux mirror shots

The ever chic Maria (@mariajblogs, first image), as shown below has pioneered the faux mirror selfie. She’s been using this method to make sure her quarantine content has stayed at the top of her game. Using a tripod to take outfit shots, while holding a phone to make it look like a mirror selfie. GENIUS.

Ellie (@petiteelliee, third image) has been taking a more classic, old-school approach to mirror selfies. Ellie gives her’s a more high end feel than the classic “mirror selfie before I go out” circa 2011. Her’s feature an ultra-glam mirror and matching decor in the background that complement her outfits.

Mirror shots, by Maria, Ellie and myself

Try playing around with different ways of using reflections. Here I’ve used a smaller mirror to create a more abstract shot, so have a go at using and shooting different angles and see what comes out. You might find a new style you like!

Beauty Portraits

ideas: mix things up and focus on jewellery, hair and make-up

This gorgeously simple golden hour self-portrait by Lauren (@loulabxlle, first image) shows this off BEAUTIFULLY. The contrasting light really makes her pop against her dark backdrop, giving her the loveliest glow.

And of course we can’t not mention the queen of self-portraits. Kaye (@fordtography, third image) has been getting creative with her shots for a longgg time, but is especially using this time to push her creativity. And nothing sums us all up at the moment more than wrapping yourself up in your duvet. But making it ~fashion~.

Self portrait photography demonstrated by Lauren, Kaye and myself

This can be a really good time to branch out of the usual outfit shots that cover your grid. Since we’re all in head-to-toe loungewear anyway, why not try taking some shots of those make-up looks you’re really proud of?

Plain Wall/Sheet Self-Portraits

ideas: a minimalist setup using a makeshift studio

Oh Sammi, an absolute style icon (@sammijefcoate, first image). God I worship this woman. She’s been absolutely nailing self-isolation glam, using a plain white brick wall as a backdrop for her outfit photos.

Self portraits using plain walls or make-shift studios by Sammi, myself and Katie

I’m lucky enough as a professional photographer to have my own backdrop stand with a few sheets and paper backdrops, which I used for the majority of my self-portraits. If you don’t have any of these to hand, hanging up a bedsheet over a door or washing line (something quite high up) can work JUST as well. Katie (@katiecoutureldn, third image) gives us a great example of this, using window light so create gorgeous streams of light.

Blogger Home Setup Shots

ideas: show off your ultra-grammable house & garden

Goodness me, Chloe’s (@chloeplumstead, first image) got a beautiful gaff hasn’t she? She’s well versed in using her home surroundings as the backdrop for her content, incorporating her decor to create stunningly intimate, yet high-end imagery.

This can be a really good way of showing a bit of extra personality in your self-portraits by adding in your things, your room and your home. Amy (@theauburnagenda, third image) creates dreamy set-ups in her home with a summery vintage feel to them, that make you feel like you already know her.

Self portraits within personal home environments, by Chloe, Amy and myself

And there you have it, my 5 tips for taking some self-portraits during isolation. If you’d like any more tips, or have any of your own to add, drop me a message here! For more inspiration and ideas on content you could create, take a look at my other blogger and fashion photography work.

5 blogger tips for self-portraits during isolation

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