How To Feel Less Awkward on Camera

Will and Periesa sat chilling together, enjoying eachother's company

One of the first things so many of my couples tell me is “we’re super awkward in-front of the camera”. You and everyone else, my friends. Nobody wants to feel awkward on their wedding day (or even just a couple photo session!) , so I’ve put together a few of my top tips to help you feel less awkward in front of the camera and to make sure your wedding photos show off your beautiful personalities.

Have a pre-wedding or engagement shoot

There’s a few benefits to this one. This way you get to meet your wedding photographer in person, and also get a practice run at being infront of the camera before the big day itself. You’ll get an idea of what to expect and how your photographer works, and hopefully put some anxiety to rest. Plus you get some beaut photos out of it, just like Laura and Stuart did here, and Toby and Jemma in the next image!

Laura and Stuart at their pre-wedding photoshoot, so they wouldn't feel awkward on their wedding day

Wear something comfortable

Okay so I GUESS this one can’t really apply to your wedding day, but at a pre-wedding shoot, it’ll make all the difference. Wearing clothes that make you look and FEEL good will show in your photos. You’re especially going to want to be comfy if we’re adventuring out somewhere in nature like Virginia Waters, heels and hills don’t mix!

Toby and Jemma sat on a tree stump at golden hour on their engagement shoot

Don’t think of it as a photo shoot

Even during your couple portrait session on your wedding day, try not to think about the fact that you’re there for photos. Instead, focus on your lover and getting to spend some real quality time with them. Just the two of you, gazing lovingly into each other’s eyes, that’s how I’m gonna get a genuine smile out of ya.

Izi and Rob walking along together through the forest at golden hour, during their engagement shoot

When the camera’s in your face

This is when people can really freeze up. As much as I try to sneak around and blend into the background, there are some points where you’re just gonna know I’m there. So just take a couple of deep breaths. That’ll loosen your shoulders and just relax you that little bit. Don’t worry too much about your facial expressions, the more natural your reaction, the more you’ll have beautiful photos.

And there you have it. If you’re nervous about feeling awkward in your wedding photos, I cannot recommend getting a pre-wedding shoot more – so if you’d like to book one in (whether I’m photographing your wedding or not!) then contact me here, or message me on Instagram!

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