Virginia Waters’ 5 Top Engagement Shoot Spots

Sarah and James stand looking at eachother infront of the lake at Virginia Waters

Virginia Waters is one of my favourite places for an engagement shoot in Berkshire. It’s so versatile, with so many different areas that you can use for so many different looks. I always love an outdoor location for an engagement shoot, since it’s always changing and every season brings something different. My shoots always tend to take slightly differing routes so no shoot is exactly the same, but here are my top 5 favourite spots if you want some ideas.

The lake

Okay so let’s start with a pretty easy one. If you’re going to Virginia Waters, you’ve at least got to go and see the lake. It’s the main attraction, and well, it’s bloody big. There are a few spots that I love in particular, as they’re a little more secluded and out of the way of all the dog walkers (they’re a nightmare on a Sunday, I’m telling you)

Laura and Stuart embrace infront of Virginia Waters lake on their engagement shoot

Alecia-Mae and Glenn stood leaning on a fence by the lake at Virginia Waters

The stone bridge

On the particular route I like to take, this big beauty of a bridge is quite near the start, so it’s a really good starting point to ease you into your shoot. Under the bridge makes for some really nice shots, but not in a “troll under the bridge” kind of way. And if you’re feeling a bit bolder and it’s not too crowded, on the bridge is lovely and you can get some really nice golden hour shots.

Sarah and James stand infront of the stone bridge in Virginia Waters

Toby and Jemma stood on the stone bridge in Virginia Waters during their spring engagement shoot

The tree stump

This is one of my FAVOURITE spots in the whole of Virginia Waters, and it’s literally just a tree stump. The location only needs to be big enough to fill the frame, kids. Sitting down takes half of your limbs out of the equation when it comes to thinking about posing, and helps you just get a little bit more relaxed. Plus all the heather just frames you so beautifully, it’s an absolute tried and tested winner.

A close up of Alecia-Mae and Glenn sat cuddling on a tree stump

Toby and Jemma sat on a tree stump in the sun during their engagement shoot

The little bridge

So you’ve mastered the big stone bridge, time to try it on expert mode. This little bridge is super cute and lets me get some really nice candid and atmospheric shots from the side. The bridge being really small also gives us some nice symmetry and then we can get a bit arty.

Toby and Jemma smile and laugh on a small wooden bridge during their spring engagement shoot

Laura and Stuart stand and cuddle on a little wooden bridge during their winter engagement shoot

The memorial temple

This is always a spot that I like to try and end our shoots on if possible. Mainly because once we’ve walked up this hill I’m bloody KNACKERED, but also because it’s a nice spot to just chill in and bask in all of your ‘we’ve just nailed this shoot’ glory. The hill itself is absolutely stunning too, with a beautiful view whichever way you’re facing. And chances are I’ll tell you to sod off and have a little walk ahead of me so the two of you can just have a lil moment.

Sarah and James stand under the memorial temple in Virginia Waters

Laura and Stuart walk along the frosty grass during their winter engagement shoot

And there you have my top five spots to for an engagement shoot around Virginia Waters. There are a few hidden gems that are also a bit seasonal, so read on for some honourable mentions.

Honorable mentions

The blossom trees

As you can probably guess, this is a bit of a seasonal special. If you’re thinking of a nice spring engagement shoot, then April is the perfect time for some blossom tree photos.

Toby and Jemma kiss by a blossoming tree during golden hour

The tall grass

I bloody love some tall grass. So if you’re a late summer engagement shoot, it’s the perfect time to feel like you’re frolicking in some golden fields, and live your most bohemian lives.

Alecia-Mae and Glenn walk through the tall dried grass during their couple shoot

Any tree will do

If there’s one thing Virginia Waters has a lot of, it’s trees. And I’m not fussy about whether they’re upright or not, either. You can lean on them, sit on them, or even have a bit of a climb (that’s what we did for Laura & Stuart’s engagement shoot), they’re just SO versatile. Obviously the best time for tree photos is autumn, because who doesn’t want those autumnal toned leaves?!

Sarah and James kiss under the autumn trees

Laura cuddles Stuart from behind while up on a high up tree branch

So if you’re up for a bit of an adventure and don’t mind packing in the steps on your engagement shoot, Virginia Waters is the place for you. If you’ve got an engagement shoot as a part of your wedding package with me, or fancy booking one in get in touch here or drop me a message on Instagram!

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