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It’s all well and good knowing that you want to get your business found on Google, but how do you get there? You know you should be optimising your website, but what exactly is it that you need to do? My self-paced self-audit will give you the tools and know-how you need to do your own keyword research and learn how to audit the on-page elements of your own site and work on it whenever suits you 

This self-audit mini-course will take you through everything you need to know and do to optimise the on-page elements of your website.

You'll start off by learning how to do keyword research for your pages, along with a free document for you to use. From there, you'll know what keywords you're targeting and what you should be using across the copy and SEO elements of your pages.

As well as how to optimise each element of a page, you'll also learn the how and why, so you'll be able to carry on optimising your website page by page, using this self-audit as a handy checklist to refer back to!

the self-audits

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In this self-paced mini-course, you'll learn all the skills and tools you need to be able to audit and optimise your own website.

what's included?

  • Find out all my favourite SEO tools that I use for auditing
  • Learn the how and why of keyword research
  • Learn how and why to use your keywords in your content
  • Learn how to optimise the on-page elements of your website


frequently asked questions

Q: How long will I have access to the self-audit?
A: You'll have access to the self-audits for as long as I'm selling them (which will be a long time!), so you can come back to it whenever you need a refresher and really work through it in your own time

Q: Will you help me with my self-audit?
A: As it's self-paced and independent, you won't receive any extra support from me, but if you're looking for my full audits, you can find them here!

Q: What will I need for the audit?
A: All you'll need is to be able to access the back-end system of your website and maybe free accounts for the tools I mention within the audit to take full advantage

Q: Can you do my keyword research for me?
A: I can! If you're a bit stuck, I can do the keyword research for you for up to five pages and send over a bank of keywords for you to refer back to in your optimisations. Check out my keyword bundle here!

Q: Does this cover off-page SEO too?
A: This self-audit mini-course only covers on-page auditing - only my intense audit covers technical and off-page SEO, which you can book here!

meet the auditor

I have six years of SEO industry experience, having worked at a marketing agency, working with a variety of companies, and then later in-house for one of the UK’s biggest brands. I never attended university, and as a self-taught professional, I’m passionate about showing that you don’t need qualifications to understand and excel at SEO. 

While I’m self-taught, I’m also completely un-technically minded, so you won’t be hearing any techy terms or jargon coming from me. What this also means, is that I have that insider knowledge on what stats and tools you should be paying attention to, and what ones you can ignore to avoid getting overwhelmed by numbers and data.

After years of working on my business alongside my day job, I’ve since moved on to being a full-time, self-employed wedding photographer (as seen in Rock My Wedding, Green Wedding Shoes and The Un-Wedding), putting the skills learned in my previous career into action. I work on improving and optimising my website alongside running my full-time business, so if I can, so can you.

When I’m not out shooting weddings or deciphering the latest Google update, I can be found editing in my local cosy cafe with a tea in hand, working out at a pole fitness class, or cuddling with my cat Custard.

A site audit is a really good way to get clear on what your website needs in order to have really solid foundations, or how to give it that bit of TLC, so you can start seeing your rankings improve and get your business found online.

But don’t just take my word for it…


Lucy, Lucy Dracott Photo

I loved Jodie’s SEO 1-1! I was quite nervous beforehand but came away feeling motivated to make my website even better and Jodie was very kind and helpful. If you want to give your website an SEO audit - Jodie is your gal! 🤍

Jodie really helped me to get my head around SEO. Far from being generic advice, she was able to give me specific targeted advice by looking through my website and helping me to identify the areas I needed to work on. The outcome is I am getting results. I'm getting more enquiries via Google that I actually want because of the improvements I've made. And I've got a deeper confidence in working on my SEO as well, it's not some mystery alchemy anymore for other people.

Kristin, Struve Photography

Steph, SBrewin Photography

If you need some help and direction with your website, look no further than Jodie! She’s insanely knowledgable about all things SEO, she’ll get your website working on google and for you in no time with her 1:1 session and website audit! Make the most of her while you’ve got her, she will help you get your website as good as it can possibly be