5 Tips For A Stress-Free Winter Wedding

Ufton Court barn glowing in the evening as the night sets in

While the summer months might typically be more popular for weddings, there’s just something special about getting married in the winter. The winter wedding decorations like fairy lights, candles, and even Christmas decorations, if you’ve gone for the festive season. But they can be a little bit tricky, with the short days and unpredictable weather. So I’ve put together some tips to help take the stress out and make the most of it. 

Have an early ceremony

Any photographer or wedding planner will tell you that if you’re having a winter wedding, you should aim to have your wedding ceremony as early as you can, so you can really make the most of the limited daytime. I’d also definitely recommend having your ceremony in a room with as much natural light as possible, which will make for better, airier photos. An earlier ceremony time also means there’ll be extra time for your drinks reception, which means way more time that you can spend with your guests as well as more time for photos in the light, which is what Kirsty & Aldous did.

Emma sat on the bar in a club in Shoreditch in a wedding dress and a veil, holding a cocktail

Pick a venue that suits all weather conditions

British weather has a reputation for its unpredictability at the best of times. And in the winter it’s a whole different story. If possible, pick a venue that grants you versatility, depending on what the sky’s up to. If you’d like to have your drinks reception or cocktail hour outdoors, make sure you have a contingency plan in place to be able to move somewhere inside or under a winter marquee if the heavens open. 

Photo spots are also something to think about, if you should need to move inside. During the daytime, it’d be good to have some spots with lots of natural light, but in the evening, plenty of ambient light is perfect for getting that wintery warm glow in your photos.

Sinead shows off her wellies during the bad weather at her winter wedding

Bring spare shoes for photos

Along with bad weather, comes mud. Your wedding shoes are a vital part of the whole ensemble, and the last thing you’ll want to do is ruin them while you’re out having photos done. It could be an idea to take some spare shoes (or wellies…) to quickly swap into. No one wants a stiletto sinking into the grass, or worse, open toe shoes.

A guest passes Kirsty a shawl after photos, during their winter wedding

Prepare for the cold!

This really goes without saying, but if you’re getting married in winter months, chances are it’s going to be chilly. Suits tend to be nice and warm, but if you’re wearing dresses, make sure to keep your and your bridal party or bridesmaids warm. Shawls always add a little bit of glamour, plus there’s always matching leather jackets if you want a bit more of an edgier bridal style. 

Cosy blankets and patio heaters are a great idea for the evening when the cold really sets in, plus you could even set up a marshmallow toasting or hot chocolate station for ultimate wintery vibes.

A marshmallow toasting station at Sarah & Cameron's wedding

Don’t worry too much about the weather

No wedding day is ever perfect, and there are so many things that will be out of your control – the weather being one of them. On the day, there will be so many things that you’ll care more about than the weather, like spending time with your guests, some delicious food, and marrying the love of your life.

Plus, in the case of a rainy or snowy wedding, the photos can still be beautiful, whether you use one of those pinterest-worthy clear umbrellas or just brave it. 

And there you have it. My top 5 tips for a winter wedding, as told by a wedding photographer. While these tips will benefit your photos, they’ll also help take some of the stress out of planning. If you found these tips handy, check out my top tips for getting ready photos, and for nailing your confetti photos.

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