My First Music Artwork

It’s always quite useful to have incredibly talented musician friends if it’s incredibly talented musicians you want to work with. You’ve all seen Connor about as much as me at this rate, but these photos were a LOT of fun to shoot, just catching golden hour, our first shoot where it actually hasn’t rained.

After a quick Wetherspoons (it’s traditional, okay?), we head over to a local park which is just about catching the sunset. Bingo. Except there’s an issue about being out in the country in the summer towards the evening. The midges. Oh my god the midges. We were under constant attack for the full hour we were out there.

Connor had the benefit of my sunglasses and two hands to defend himself from the little bastards, but I had both hands full with my camera and a skirt and tights on. A bloody SKIRT. And those fuckers can get through tights, I was COVERED.

But, we powered through. I sat him in a bush for a proper “indie-band promo shot”, which then turned out to be some of my favourite photos of him. We went for a “bored” kind of vibe, which worked really well against the ledge we found. Connor is just REALLY good at looking bored. I hope it’s not me. This vibe worked so well, that one of these photos has since become the artwork for the latest C’est la Door release Glass Eye.

I think quite a lot of the time when I’m shooting and I tell him to do something a bit weird, Connor can think “what are you smoking?”. And this is what happened when I asked him to lay his top half over the top of this ledge on the grass, while his legs are essentially just dangling away. But, what the camera doesn’t see the camera doesn’t know. It also gave me the opportunity to add some lovely extra flowers shortly after I made the leap into *gasp* Photoshop.

I’ve got another shoot with Connor planned for the beginning of September, our first since he’s moved to Oxford. I’ve never really seen much of Oxford but he’s told me it’s perfect for a shoot, so I’m damn excited to get pinteresting it and explore.


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